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112學年度行事曆 (KNU academic calendar of Fall 2023 and Spring 2024)

Semester of Fall 2023 (112-1 學期)(2023/09~2024/01)
Fall semester 淺色底、深色字
Spring semester 深色底、淺色字
In B220, the quality of wireless from my cell phone is poor. Thus, just use campus wireless.
--不能使用手機的無線網路 (訊號差)

Fall 2023 Food Microbiology 食品微生物

Time: Tue, 0810-1100
Classroom: N115   
Either campus wireless or from me cell phone is OK

Fall 2023 Food Factory Management 食品工廠管理

Time: Tue, 1310-1400
Classroom: S115

It was a horrible experiance when I used campus wireless for live-streaming in this clasroom (nightmare!!! NO! ).  Thus, the only choice is wireless from my cell phone.

Fall 2023 General Chemistry 普通化學

Time: Wednesday, 1510-1800
Classroom: B411

Mentoring hours 導師時間   
週三1310 -1500 (這是學校表訂時間,我們預計開兩次班會,及導生會談。歡迎同學們 LINE 群組討論或是私訊阿原,阿原很快就會回應) 
Introduction to Controlling Listeria monocytogenes in the Food Process Environment from NSW Food Safety, Australia
--Translation and  applications on environmental monitoring programs for food industry in Taiwan -Oct  

Introduction to Food Recall and Simulated Recall Guidance from New Zealand Food Safety
--The Applications for Food Industry in Taiwan   -Dec

Health, Nutrition, And Sanitation For A Small Food Business
--A case study of a campus juice bar in Taiwan -Dec

HACCP And EMP For A Ready-To-Eat Food Small Buiness
--A  case study of a campus juice bar in Taiwan  -Mar

HACCP And EMP Of Bubble Tea Store In Taiwan
--A case study of ready-to-eat and support the growth of Listeria



測試參考資料 - 題庫資訊系統

b-術科,目前看到最新:20220104。學科選擇題,看 metadata 是 20220707

食品檢驗丙級之學科與術科,阿原上課資料與筆記整理-- 2020 年

請自行下載   學科學科圖術科說明

阿原的課程都有建立 LINE 群組,強力鼓勵大家加入,有考試、作業,或不及格補救通知,會在群組說明與提醒。

如何進入阿原直播課程? 阿原的線上直播與教學影片
有關請假,請見相關說明  阿原課程之請假方式
專門職業及技術人員高等考試技師考試規則 (非醫事類,食品技師在 32 種技師中)(食品技師考試科目-,報名資格)

請記得(2022-09-10 加入):
1. 阿原課程上教的東西,很多,是阿原不懂的,或者沒有深入理解的,阿原只不過把課本內容讀給大家聽
課本不是我編的,科學學理是很多前人的累積,阿原沒有貢獻,教學制度與考試(你們很多科目是為了考試)不是阿原訂的。 (但,阿原編了不少講義,陸續出書,)
*大約在 2006 年,阿原還是博士生,陳慶三老師到我們 Cornell, Geneva 校區短期訪問。聊天,阿原提到:不曉得那些教授是在幹什麼,教 TCA cycle, 但 TCA cacyle 裡面很多不是他們做的研究,他們就是把課本讀出來,有什麼了不起(其實以也知道,不少老師在國外讀書,不見得是該領域排名前面的學校)。
*阿原自己當了老師,就會承認自己不懂。到現在學生有問題,阿原就說,歡迎發問,但可能不會,這是 1998 年 6 月的啟發,阿原大四考完研究所,去請教蘇仲卿老師生化問題,他說:我不一定懂!  (大師就是大師,故事請參考  阿原大三時上生化課,蘇仲卿老師是在教三小...朋友,到大四重聽生化,才知道蘇老師幫我們統合:是阿原程度不夠,不識高手出招) 
2022-09-02 五人聚餐,黃青真老師提到他們當年學化學,搞不懂,如果化學老師這樣解說,請清楚多了。後來才知道,是化學老師自己也不懂。阿原說,我知道,所以我在課堂上承認很多課本的內容我不懂,只是以前台大的老師極少承認不懂,但阿原很早就跟學生承認自己不懂。--漸漸的你們會知道,博士、老師、主管,跟屬下或學生承認不懂,其實是這個人有自信的表現,慢慢你們會懂。

Fall 2023: IHP-EMI General education: Understanding Foods and Nutrition

 Please join our course groups/請加入課程群組 

In the groups, the use of English is encouraged, but not be limited.

1. Line group (private)

2. LinkedIn (public): International Honors Program at Kainan University: I-Yuan Chiang's course group      (I encourage students to register a LinkedIn account)

About I-Yuan Chiang/One Dollar


How to contact One Dollar? 

1. LINE/LY me (I am always "hanging" on the internet)--the best way!

2. Email me:

3. My office: B970. The ext.  7970 

YouTube:  My teaching video/live-streaming 阿原直播與教學影片

 YouTube-playlist   of this course


IHP:   International Honors Program at Kainan University/開南大學國際榮譽學程

 EMI: English as aMedium of Instruction/使用英語進行教學

(During class, I speak English only. That is the rule for teachers, and meanwhile someone is "looking at/monitoring" me. But during the break or after class, students can speak Mandarin with me or discuss in the LINE group. However, I would like to encourage non-English native students to practice more in any chance)


I ever studied my PhD program in the US for several years, and I completely understand the frustration/fear/stress with my not-good English.  Now, I am a teacher, I obligate to help students who are not English native speakers.  Any questions, please let me know.



And, you will be there:

University of Wisconsin - River Falls | University of Wisconsin ..

YouTube: University of Wisconsin-River Falls
Zip code: 54022 (in, Fahrenheit (not Celsius) is commonly used in the USA, you need to adapt yourself to it.

University of California, Riverside: UC Riverside

YouTube: Univ. of California, Riverside
Zip code 92521 (in

 -----Next: Stock market-------

One Dollar used to live in Ithaca, NY (14850, main campus of Cornell University) and Geneva, NY (14456, Geneva campus)



About this course

(please check the embedded slides above)

Take digital notes


How to call me? 

My name on the passport is I-Yuan Chiang/江易原   (Chiang read as similar to "John")

1. One Dollar (I like people to call my nickname. When I was a PhD student in the US, my advisor Dr. Thomas Henick-Kling and all collegues also called me One Dollar in most times.)

----(We use  "Dr." and full name only a few formal situations, like introducing speakers in a seminar or ceremony)

2. Dr. I-Yuan Chiang (only in formal meetings or others)

 (Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, formally called Chiang Kai-shek International Airport)(the same spelling in English: Chiang. But different in Mandarin)


Understanding Foods and Nutrition (認識食品與營養) By Dr. I-Yuan Chiang/江易原(本次為全英文授課之通識)
General education/通識教育
Filed: Bioscience/生命科學領域

Credit: 2

Course objectives and features

*An understanding of how food safety, sanitation, and regulations affect our daily life.

*An understanding of nutrition and health problems associated with food and diet.


1. Lectures

2. Discussion

3. Laboratory: Some interesting topics, for example, how to use sanitizer to prepare safe drinking water, and an important item of EGS.

4. Translation

Grading policy 

(the following are temporary, students and I will discuss having a good grading way)

No exams or quizzes (unless students want that)

 0. Interactions/group discussion during class (0%, but required) One of the important policy of IHP is to encourage each student to say something and interact during class (to practice oral skills that are important in the US).

I abbey the rules.

Notice: No ponishment, no enforcement, and only encourangement

Students will be separated assigned into several groups. Each group members need to "say something" at least once in the week of class. 

For example: Student A, B, C, D, and E in Group 1. When A and B share/answer something, the next turn will be the other student to share/answer.   


About say something, I  hope student can:  

*Answer or ask question(s): Students can either answer or ask any question related to the current topic.

*Share important issues or news related to the lectures:  

*Share your considerations/opinions/ideas: What are the problems/situations/laws in your country/US/Taiwan. Do you have any ideas to solve the problem? Does the solution bring new business models?   

----->Do not worry! The part is 0%. It means this part is not related to your score. Thus, feel easy to interact in the class. 

1. Attendance (12%, required).
*As KNU's policy, faculty/teachers should take the attendance every week during the class. One mark for each attendance a week, up to 12 marks

*Notice IHP's policy: students will be failed if the absence reaches 1/3 or more. Generally, I take the roll call in the beginning of the second class.

2. Oral presentation with slides (60%, required) 

3. Report (18%, optional. Focus on academic writing. Please discuss the format with any IHP teacher). 

The report can be in print or digital form (If in ditical form, it can be a part of digital notes).


*Select a topic related to this course.

*Conduct research (or literature review)

*Five basic structure of a report: introduction, methods, results and discussion (500 - 1,000 words is OK)

*Academic writing is different from spoken English. For freshman,  it is never too early.

*Citation and reference--what you must learn. (You can check this:
How do I cite a report in APA?  From Walden University, How To Write An
Academic Report
from Middlesex University Lodon, or similar articles)



4. Digital notes (5%, optional).  I encourage students to take and show your digitized notes. Slides for presentation can be part of digital notes.

5. Translation or creative works (5%, optional)

Please tell me your idea/plan/project  prior to do this work.

5a. For non-English native speakers: You can translate documents from WHO/FAO or other organizations into your mother language. 

5b. For English native speakers: You can (1) translate useful information into English, such as food or nutrition guidelines written in Taiwanese Mandarin. (2) correct the English (laws/regulations/guidelines) from The Ministry of Health and Welfare, Taiwan. The competence authorities outsourced the translation works, however, some translations were horrible. And you can help correct them.

5c.  Other work (you can discuss your ideas with One Dollar in advance)

If students are confident/positive/aggressive/self-driven, we can collaborate to publish book(s) or open textbook(s) with ISBNs (or you can do yourself, and I can help). Thus, you will have book(s) before graduation or departure to the US. If the translated documents or textbook(s) (PDF files or paper-print) can be downloaded or circulated, and it will be a great contribution to introducing such knowledge in his/her country.


Learning materials and textbooks

Open licensed materials will be used in this course, and that include documents from FAO and WHO, US, Australia, UK. Thus, students can get those documents for free and materials are legal to use.

Open Textbook
Comparisons of the Codex Alimentarius Principles of Nutrition Labelling and Relevant Guidelines of Taiwan and the United States (2021, bilingual)(Open Textbook Library, University of Minnesota.)-Two KNU students and One Dollar have done the work in 2022

The following topics may be adjusted as new events coming up.

01. About this course

02. What are food? What are nutrients/nutrition

03. Nutrition labeling on packaged/prepackaged foods

04. Nutrition labeling and its applications

05. Food sources of minerals and their functions 

06. Food sources of vitamins and their functions

07. Food safety and sanitation: microbiological issues

08. Food safety and sanitation: chemical issues

09. Food poisoning: cases and statistics

10. Food poisoning: how to prevent

11. How much calories do we need? (with a PhET simulation)

12. Obesity, calories, exercise, and health

13. Food microbiology and fermented foods

14. Food chemistry and food properties

15. Food fortification: adding nutrients into foods

16. Student presentation

17. Student presentation

18. Course review and discussion


A US sake master's recipe for successーNHK WORLD-JAPAN NEWS (3m42s)



DW Documentary

Junk food, sugar and additives - The dark side of the food industry | DW Documentary 

 EMI 美國超市產品,與食品及營養標示

 EMI 語音輸入法

Some useful websites

 Dr. Yu-Ta Chen suggests a great web for translation

 MS AI reading


 KNU taking a roll call policy

 (they did not have it in English, thus I used Google Translate without proof-reading--it is not my duty)



Dear teachers, please teach:

In order to increase student attendance and meet the needs of the Ministry of Education for teaching quality inspection and school evaluation, teachers must take roll call every week and there should be clear records.
Teachers are requested to publicize to students that roll call will be held every week. In order to prevent teachers from being unable to provide relevant paper roll call records during temporary inspections, teachers are required to log attendance and absence data for each week's classes into the academic information system after roll call in class. , in order to quickly submit student attendance information. System operating instructions are attached.
This login system is only for teachers’ reference and to provide supporting evidence. The Academic Affairs Office will not take any action against students due to absence registration; the early warning of "not showing up for class in the past four weeks" and the assignment of "not showing up for class for 1/3 of this semester" at the end of the semester are still A separate login is required.
Please do not only check attendance or absence, so as not to cause trouble for students to apply for various scholarships or internships. Please select all attendance first, and then change the non-attendance to absence or leave.

Teaching Resource Center

Fall 2023 General Chemistry 普通化學




A. 點名:(這部份與過去一樣)
 1. 點名 A ( 10%):配合學校要求每週點名,每次加一分,最高 10 分。但出席 A 未滿六次,學期總成績將會不及格。

2. 點名 B (10%):每次加一分,但出席未滿六次,學期總成績將會不及格最高  10分。 但出席 B 未滿六次,學期總成績將會不及格。


B. 期中考 35% (不開放開書或電子設備)

C. 期末考 40% (不開放開書或電子設備)

D. 數位筆記,5%,選配。以公開網頁,非需要註冊才能閱讀,如 IG, LINE, FB 等需要註冊才能閱讀,各位可以放,但這不算公開網頁。(請參考202302 課程中的 基本電腦技能)





1. 下載阿原編輯的   20230920-重要元素單字A4版面.pdf 

2. 本次使用開放式教科書 (Letter size, 142 page 20230909),鼓勵使用 Chrome 外掛翻譯,阿原會這樣,使用中文上課。同學們可以對照英文。也許我們嘗試使用數位筆記,減少紙張的使用。當然,您也可以經過自動翻譯,列印出來。

Introductory Chemistry Online! (Young)

Chrome 線上應用程式商店

沉浸式翻譯: 雙語對照網頁翻譯 & PDF文檔翻譯


Front Matter

1: Measurements and Atomic Structure 測量與原子結構

2: The Physical and Chemical Properties of Matter 物質的物理和化學性質

3: Chemical Bonding and Nomenclature 化學鍵與命名法

4: The Mole and Measurements in Chemistry 化學中的摩爾和測量

5: Chemical Reactions 化學反應

6: Quantitative Relationships in Chemistry 化學中的定量關係

7: Aqueous Solutions 水溶液

8: Acids, Bases and pH 酸、鹼與 pH

9: The Gaseous State 氣態

10: Principles of Chemical Equilibrium 化學平衡原理

11: Nuclear Chemistry 核化學

Back Matter 


Fall 2023 Food Factory Management 食品工廠管理

預計評分方式 (會參考同學們的建議來修正)

點名:第二節或第三節進行,會登錄在學校的點名系統(一次加一分,最多 15 10 分)



A: 基礎作業:80 75 分 (基礎作業+基本出席,是課程及格要求)(標配,紙本手寫,交回前請拍照)

B:   實作實驗心得 10%,選配, 可以紙本,但鼓勵使用公開的數位筆記。本次將有部分微生物檢驗實驗及 HACCP, GHP 相關的實驗。

C. 數位筆記,5%,選配。



阿原編輯的 Codex 2020 HACCP

 Advances in Food Processing (Food Preservation, Food Safety, Quality and Manufacturing Processes)
Theodoros Varzakas and Panagiotis Tsarouhas , Eds. Published: September 2021
Pages: 234 © by the authorsISBN 978-3-0365-1842-8 (hardback); ISBN 978-3-0365-1841-1 (PDF)   (開放式教科書,全文可以免費下載)

Basic Kitchen and Food Service Management   (開放式教科書,全文可以免費下載)

Food Production and Industry   (2015,  Ayman Eissa, Menoufia University, Egypt

Introduction to Food Production and Service (開放式教科書,全文可以免費下載)

Handbook of Food Factory Design  (2013)(電子書,128 歐元,請仔細考慮)

食品工廠經營管理 (華格納)

食品工廠管理 (復文圖書)

 食品工廠經營與管理─理論與實務 (五南文化)



千華數位文化出版)(金石堂 75 折,563元)(博客來 79折,593元)



Fall 2023 Food Microbiology 食品微生物

時間:週一 1010 - 1300
 教室:N 115 電腦教室



A. 點名 (共 ):(這部份與過去一樣)
 1. 點名 A (12% 10%):配合學校要求每週點名,每次加一分,最高 12 10 分。但出席未滿六次,學期總成績將會不及格。(後續才加選的同學,不用擔心次數不夠)。點名 A 在第二節上課進行。

2. 點名 B (12% 10%):點名 B 在第三節下課前進行,每次加一分,但出席未滿六次,學期總成績將會不及格最高 13 10分。 阿原會配合學校政策,依序回報前四周、前六週未出席課程之學校,及學期中、學期末之回報點名情況。


 B. 基礎作業 (65%,標配,紙本手寫,交回前請拍照)


 C. 實作實驗心得 10%,選配, 可以紙本,但鼓勵使用公開的數位筆記。本次將有部分食品檢驗丙級的實驗,以及部分微生物實驗。


 D. 數位筆記,5%,選配。以公開網頁,非需要註冊才能閱讀,如 IG, LINE, FB 等需要註冊才能閱讀。


Introduction to Food Microbiology (共 334 pages. CC-BY-ND 授權, 開放式教科書,可全文免費下載) A Province of British Columbia   FOODSAFE™ program open textbook. 以及相關課程  FOODSAFE Level 1

Analytical Food Microbiology: A Laboratory Manual  (, 77 美元) by Ahmed E. Yousef (Author), Joy G. Waite-Cusic (Author), Jennifer J. Perry (Author) Format: Kindle Edition

Food Microbiology (, 49 美元)
by Martin R Adams (Author), Maurice O Moss (Author), Peter McClure (Author)

基礎食品微生物 (偉明圖書)   食品微生物學 (華格納)



書號:1H661121    作者:黃子寧

千華數位文化出版)(金石堂 75 折)(博客來 79折)

**阿原上課,使用博客來網路書局,電子書櫃,使用 2023 年版本。

需要使用 Chrome/Chromium, 因為使用 FireFox, 介面下方缺少功能,無法將畫面向左向右,當作左頁右頁





















左:洗手前     中:洗手後    右:噴完酒精

左:洗手前     中:洗手後    右:噴完酒精


左:洗手前     中:洗手後    右:噴完酒精


Spring 2023 Learn English and have Fun: Not Just Remedial Instruction 英文語文檢定




 1. 我們在框架/法規/社會風氣要求的教學內容,我們不能忽略。

2. 阿原會分享實用的英語技能。


例如 是美國知名的線上販售維他命網頁,我想買維他命給家人,所以想要使用這英文網頁(只是舉例,事實上,這有台灣代理商及台灣網頁)

Specialty yeasts for advanced winemaking (Chris Hansen 在丹麥,全球知名的酒類菌種公司)




1. 天才運動員,通常不是好的教練,因為他們就是天才,不易體會一般運動員學習遇到困難。

阿原的英文,是苦學的,絕對可以體會大家對英文的恐懼。 因此,我們一同來努力,對各位完成課程,拿到及格的分數。對阿原,分享給大家阿原苦學英文的過程

2. 台灣教英文、學英文,通常缺少應用的機會,所以只剩下英文考試,是評估一個人學英文好壞的方式,這是不對的,尤其在今日資訊發達的環境,不但舊思維、舊教法無法跟上時代,也不易讓年輕人認同(我學英文,除了考試,真的有用嗎?)。



阿原大學聯考的 PR 值




數學:76% (剛過高標)















免費教學資源 - 財團法人博幼社會福利基金會

英文教材介紹 - 財團法人博幼社會福利基金會

有國小 400 單字 國中 800 單字 講義及語音檔

教育部國中國小學習扶助平台資源   105 年教材   



高級中等學校學習扶助教師資源平台- 補救教學示例-英文科







Spring 2023 Organic Chemistry 有機化學

時間:週三 1510-1800
教室:A 308 (預計換到大一點的教室)


 1. 點名 A: 第一節下課前點名,這部份及格要求,至少出席 6 次課程,這部份出席加分,一次一分,最多 12

2.  1. 點名 B: 第三節下課前點名,這部份及格要求,至少出席 6 次課程,這部份出席加分,一次一分,最多 12

3. 考試---可能三次,減輕每次的負擔


有機化學(第三版)   出版日:2016/9/1   書號:B259e3
作者:曹文正 黃秉炘 呂卦南
ISBN:978-986-430-175-1    總頁數:286      定價:500 元,團體價 420 元


本次   有機化學課程影片 與 YouTube 播放清單






Spring 2023 Food Safety and Control System 食品安全管制系統 (HACCP)




圖片來源 source




時間:週一 1010-1300 
教室:N115 電腦教室



1. 點名 : 第二節上課前段點名,這部份及格要求至少出席 6 次課程,這部份出席加分,一次一分,最多 12分 (但本學期 18 週,週一遇到兩次放假,因此實際上課 16 次。 )

2. 作業二選一。本課程沒有考試。作業與基本出席,是成績及格的基本要求。


A 類型作業(基礎作業):適合個性沉穩務實的學生,完成指定任務,
作業 70 分。若出席滿分 12 分,則學期成績最高分 82 ,但提醒,作業要高分,要寫得很詳細)分。若作業遲交,就會扣分)
1.  繳交基礎作業。

回傳基礎作業之網址   請注意:20220613前回傳作業

注意:僅選擇基礎作業(A 類型)的同學需要進行。選擇製作網路虛擬公司作業(B 類型)的夥伴,不用交這作業。

20230501 公布基本作業 (PDF 檔) ( ODT office 原始檔)

(選擇網頁作者的學生,不用寫本基礎作業)。本檔案遵照行政院政策,使用Libreoffice與ODF格式及PDF檔。若您寫作業的過程中若有參考他人的資料,請寫出來源及貼上網址,這是基本道德。您可以手寫或打字,請交回紙本。若空間不夠,您可以自行往下延伸,但總頁數不超過5頁。請在6/05週一 1700前交給阿原或放到院辦阿原抽屜。

B 類型作業(分組進行網頁作業):適合積極參與的學生,阿原鼓勵大家優先選 B 作業。
假設出席滿分 12 分,選擇 B 作業學期成績 72 分起跳。
1. 分組網頁作業(60 分 - 78 分),分工完成任務,並上台報告 (將依各組回報組員的貢獻度評分)。可以把實作課程(檢驗、廠區模擬衛生稽核)的照片加到

2. 個人網頁(10 分):趁著阿原教大家寫部落格的機會,建立個人網頁,寫出課程心得(不限本課程)

  本次課程(HACCP)影片之 YouTube  播放清單





20230418 統計前十週出席次數(一次放假,一次提早補課,實則 11 周,最高出席次數 10 次)

及格的要求之一,是出席至少六次,我們還有7 次課,還有機會。



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1「乳品冰淇淋 」HACCP計畫書範例「乳品冰淇淋 」HACCP計畫書範例(.pdf下載)2023-01-09

食藥署  (可以把食安監測計畫,看成進階版的 HACCP)

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2022-05-06 雞屠宰場衛生標準作業程序書(SSOP)-範例(111.2.17)
2022-05-06 豬屠宰場衛生標準作業程序書(SSOP)-範例(111.2.24)
2022-05-06 雞屠宰場肉品衛生安全管制系統計畫書(HACCP)-範例(111.2.17)
2022-05-06 豬屠宰場肉品衛生安全管制系統計畫書(HACCP)-範例(111.2.24)
2019-06-11 蛋製品HACCP範例-液蛋
2019-06-11 蛋製品HACCP範例-皮蛋
2019-06-11 蛋製品HACCP範例-熟鹹蛋
2017-03-30 肉品工廠HACCP系統之範例-香腸(西式香腸)
2016-06-01 肉品工廠HACCP系統之範例-生鮮肉品(冷藏、冷凍豬肉)
2016-06-01 肉品工廠HACCP系統之範例-生鮮肉品(冷藏、冷凍雞肉)
2016-06-01 肉品工廠HACCP系統之範例-香腸(中式香腸)
2016-06-01 肉品工廠HACCP系統之範例-醃漬肉品(西式火腿)
2016-06-01 肉品工廠HACCP系統之範例-醃漬肉品(培根)
2016-06-01 肉品工廠HACCP系統之範例-醃漬肉品(臘肉)
2016-06-01 肉品工廠HACCP系統之範例-調理肉品(貢丸)
2016-06-01 肉品工廠HACCP系統之範例-醃漬肉品(鴨排)
2016-06-01 肉品工廠HACCP系統之範例-乾燥肉品(肉酥)
2016-06-01 肉品工廠HACCP系統之範例-生鮮肉品(小分切冷藏雞肉)
2016-03-18 肉品工廠HACCP系統之範例-醃漬肉品(鴨賞)
2016-03-18 肉品工廠HACCP系統之範例-調理肉品(滷味)

TQF  驗證

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